We live in a time, when data and information serve as the tools that help us achieve better marketing results. In addition to carrying out the radio market research RADIOMETRIJA, we dispose of all the relevant researches we need for quality work in the area of media buying.


Radiometrija is the research of the Slovenian radio market, which has been carried out since 1996. It records ratings of all radio programmes in the territory of Slovenia and enables more detailed data analyses.
The research is carried out with the help of our partner, the subcontractor, Ninamedia d.o.o.


The research is carried out by means of a two-level random, regionally representative sample. The sampling basis is the universal phonebook, which is used to randomly select households, taking into account spatial dispersion according to the Slovenian statistical regions, from which respondents are randomly selected. The basic phone sample is further completed by sampling among members of the web panel from our own base, where we find a representative group of participants, who fill out a survey through an electronic link.


Maner of research: CATI (Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing) + CAWI (Computer-aided Web Interviewing) where the web part complements the basic sample
Time of research: Surveying also includes weekends.
Measuring methods: DAR – Day-after recall at 15-minute intervals
Display: The possibility of displaying weekly and daily reach


Survey is carried out in a specially equipped phone studio, under constant supervision of highly-trained analysts. The questionnaire is standardized, with an open question about radio station ratings (respondents independently list stations), but it also contains extensive socio-demographic questions. The team of interviewers is permanent, so a quality and reliable execution is guaranteed.


The data is shown in a user-friendly program, which enables transparent use, functional selection of demographic parameters and data export.


Data and infomation: